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If you're lucky enough to get multiple offers for your home, please do not make these mistakes, whether you are an agent or a seller.

#1 - Setting your deadline too far out

When you list your home on a Monday (which you shouldn't by the way), and you set the deadline for 10 days away guess what? Buyers are going to lose interest.

You need to set your deadline when you start to receive offers and a lot of interest in your property. If you wait too long, a buyer will come in and pressure you to take their offer. Our strategy is always list at the end of the week and set that deadline for Monday or Tuesday morning. Don't set that deadline so far away that buyers lose interest, or another home comes on the market.

#2 - Fail to realize they can…

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If you're lucky enough to owe a home in Michigan, you've probably seen some great appreciation the past few years. If you have owned it longer than that, you've seen a lot of appreciation.

So it's important note to mess up that home sale!

The #1 tip is Timing.

When are you going to list your home for sale? Every market is different, but across all markets in Michigan, you're looking at Springtime sales bringing you the most money and the quickest sale.

If you have to list in the other months, it could be beneficial for you if there is low inventory. The timing is hyper-local. If you have 5 homes in your neighborhood for sale, you want to time it when there is lower inventory. Always check with your local expert and watch the data!


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Are you ready to list your home? Do it in these three months for the fastest sale!

When we receive the sale data, it is often flawed because it's data from the closing date. You aren't listing your home, and closing tomorrow. It takes 30-45 days for the closing period, so these are the top months to LIST your home. The data the public is receiving is actually closing data from homes that were listed 30-45 days ago.

The three best months for your home's to close, according to every research we have seen is...

April, May, and June!

Those are the 3 months you want your home closing.

At May, you are 12.8% above other sellers in other months of the year. But, understand that homes are closing in May were listed at the end of March or…

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