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Dan's goal has always been to get a standing ovation from his clients. Before his successful career in Real Estate, he toured as a standup comedian performing on cruise ships, in colleges and comedy clubs all over the country.  That's not to say that he's become a serious guy though... more like a Funny Agent. 

Highest Sale Ever Recorded in Harbour Cove!

New Financing Rules Net Ypsilanti Condo Seller Nearly $100,000

Looking out from the second story balcony over the calm, crystal clear waters of Ford Lake I knew it was a longshot.  Despite the beautiful views and renovations the owner put into their condo, archaic financing rules have hampered values in condominium developments like Harbour Cove, which sits at the southern tip of Ford Lake in Ypsilanti Township.

Fortunately, for the new purchaser and owner, the financing rules for condominiums have changed over the past several months opening up new opportunities for buyers and sellers alike.

To get a better understanding of what has changed it’s important to understand what FHA (Federal…

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As Realtors we all understand the difficulties of selling vacant land.  In my market, vacant land can sit on the market for years without any activity at all.  Answering questions about surveys, soil tests and replacing damaged signs can become tiresome and time-consuming.

As agents, we have to show consumers that vacant land can be so much more exciting than just something to build a home on or digging shallow graves.  Vacant land can be fun!

Here are my essential tips for staging vacant land.

1. Warm their hearts with a romantic picnic spot.  Who doesn’t love a little Hollywood romance? Strawberry wine, blankets, and picnic baskets are a great place to start.



 2. Take your tree game to the next level!  Let’s face it, trees have…

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Before discussing a leaking faucet, the listing agent would like to verbally dictate the entire resume. ************************** “I’ve been selling real estate since before you were born,” Fred Lewis, local real estate Broker, boasted.  “My first sale was up over there, the little red house on 7th street.  You know the one?” Trying to move the subject toward the leaking faucet in the inspection report, he interjects. “I was Realtor of the year in 1975, Board President from 77 to 82 and I’ve sold probably 25,000 homes." There’s no way this blow hard sold that many homes it’s physically impossible, you think to yourself. “Purchased my first brokerage while interest rates were over ten percent and we still set sales…

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As tech firms and disrupters battle for market share in a crowded industry, true innovation continues to come from those on the front lines.

“It’s been an idea I’ve been toying with for quite some time,” said Dan Vail inventor of Open Housies, a diaper he created strictly for Realtors.  

“I’m wearing one right now,” he pointed to his belt line and bulging slacks as he welcomed another visitor into a bustling open house on Ann Arbor’s west side.

Vail explained that buyers expectations have changed over the past few years and there simply isn’t enough time to stop and take care of some of life’s most routine experiences.  

“Never having to stop and use the bathroom has added seven minutes to my day,” he exclaimed while setting up a showing…

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When I started out as an agent, I was broke.  Not Walmart broke, we’re talking Dollar Tree broke.   My son learned to survive on delicious cereals like Frosted Fakes and Corporal Crunch.  I bought everything from the dollar store. I mean everything. Even condoms. They were off brand too, I believe they were called Trobans.  I turned the box over and they had a coupon for fifty cents off Pampers.

So when it came to my postcard budget there was virtually nothing.   I was still working weekends as a stand-up comedian and using proceeds to fuel my legitimate career.   Not to mention my wife was expecting our second child, possibly related to the Trobans, but not sure.

I realized, my postcards needed to reflect my brand and make an immediate impact.…

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We’ve all been there.  You go to put the key in the lock and wham!  That smell. The sweet, delicious… I mean rancid (uh hum) smell of marijuana.  In the day and age of edibles, vape pens, cannabis oil, someone has found the stankiest bud imaginable to hot box their living room.  

As you slowly open the door you half expect to see Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson sharing a box of Captain Crunch on the couch.

You turn back to your buyers and gauge their sensitivity.  “You guys like the band Phish?” You ask hesitantly.

In this scenario, I can’t help but wonder what conversation the listing agent had, or more likely didn’t have, with the seller.  Did they have a contact buzz and didn’t mention it? Were they desperate to get the listing? The most likely…

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Siri, turn on the living room light.  Siri, play Metallica.  Siri, buy my house!

Sounds crazy, but it’s happening.  The real estate industry is in an upheaval & it’s affecting our local market.

From the cancellation of the Waterhill Music Festival to the Gelman plume conversation, we never have a shortage of local real estate news. I love talking about real estate.  My ears perk up when I hear someone talking about the value of their home, whether I’m enjoying a comfy chair at Sweetwaters or a corner stool at Jim Brady’s- I’m always up for a real estate conversation. Not just the typical, “Hey, can I sell your home?” either.  I am truly interested in what’s happening at the hyper-local level. 

On a national scale, the industry is undergoing…

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Where should I eat in the Ann Arbor Area?

Ann Arbor has some of the best restaurants in the world. If you’re like us you love trying them and sharing the ones we love with our friends and family. 

Something fun that we’re doing for the next month is putting the Spotlight on 30 restaurants over the next 30 days in the Ann Arbor area. Every day we’re meeting up with the owners, staff, and patrons to get the scoop on the best selections and the backstory behind the restaurant.

We’re also supporting each restaurant by offering a giveaway to each one we visit! You can visit our Facebook ( to learn MORE about how to get your name entered in the festivities.

So far we’ve met up with Ann Arbor staples, hot spots, and…

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