How To Sell Your Michigan Home Faster and For More Money!

If you're lucky enough to owe a home in Michigan, you've probably seen some great appreciation the past few years. If you have owned it longer than that, you've seen a lot of appreciation.

So it's important note to mess up that home sale!

The #1 tip is Timing.

When are you going to list your home for sale? Every market is different, but across all markets in Michigan, you're looking at Springtime sales bringing you the most money and the quickest sale.

If you have to list in the other months, it could be beneficial for you if there is low inventory. The timing is hyper-local. If you have 5 homes in your neighborhood for sale, you want to time it when there is lower inventory. Always check with your local expert and watch the data!

The #2 tip is Preparation.

You have this asset that you've been waiting for years to sell. You want to be very careful that your home is show-ready when you're ready to list it on the market. 

That means decluttering! And make sure your home looks like a hotel room. You should start 60-90 days preparing your home before you list it on the market to get it in show-ready condition.

The #3 tip is Marketing.

People are looking at photos and videos! Right now, people go on Zillow and Realtor like they are dating apps!

Make sure people aren't swiping left on your home, and that it looks beautiful for prospective buyers.

The #4 tip is Pricing.

Price it right! It's an age-old strategy that still proves true today.

You cannot go with the advice that was given 15-20 years ago which is price it at above market value and you will negotiate down to the price you want. It's just not true today.

There are so many homes going with multiple offers, if you price it way above you'll be sitting on the market forever and look like Thanksgiving leftovers!

Price your home and let the buyers bring it up to the highest possible price you can get for it.

The #5 tip is Offer.

Choose an offer with the path of lease resistance.

You don't want someone coming in and nickel/diming you to death.

You need the offer that is going to close. If you take your home off the market for 45 days and that buyer doesn't follow through with the sale, when you go back on the market you no longer have a new listing.

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