Winter is Coming! Prepare with these 8 Steps (with dogs of course)

The Ann Arbor area is no stranger to winter. Make the transition a bit easier by preparing you for what is to come. 



1. Out with the Summer Tools, In with the Snowblower

Organize your garage to make the most practical sense. Pull your lawnmower to the back and break out the sidewalk salt and snowblower. Make sure your blower is in good working order before the first snow arrives. 



2. Get your yard ready for frost 

Outdoor chores can be a drag, but hey!- at least you won't have to trim or mow for a few months. Collect your leaves, trim the grass short and fertilize to ensure a bright green lawn next spring. Check out the Ann Arbor City's website for ideas on ways to manage your yard waste. 



3. Tend to your chimney and collect wood

There's nothing like a warm fire to snuggle up to in the heart of winter. A good chimney sweep will be able to make sure your fireplace is prepped and ready for maximum warmth potential. If you have a gas place, be sure to get it properly maintained. Fire-burning places will need to stock up on some tinder too. Buy and collect locally to keep potentially dangerous invasive species from wreaking havoc. 



4. Switch Ceiling Fan Direction

Did you know that there's a switch on your ceiling fans that controls whether it draws up cool air or pushes down warm air? Run your fans in a clockwise direction at the lowest setting to keep your air circulating properly in the winter months. 



5. Winterize the outside of your home 

Clean your gutters to keep icicles from forming, cover your grill, bring in your patio furniture, and flush all outdoor water supplies, like sprinklers and hoses. You may want to do a walk around your home to check for any siding holes or places where little critters may be able to get inside too. Prepping for winter will make next spring much more enjoyable. 



6. Stop Drafts in their Tracks

 Not saying that licking the windows will help, but there are many ways to keep drafts to a minimum. If you have storm windows, now is the perfect time to install them. If not, check out plastic window insulating kits. Still feeling some breeze? The wind doesn't stand a chance against this DIY dog door draft stopper

7. Make your entrance welcoming

Bringing all the snow and salt into your house can make for extra cleaning- and can hurt your hardwood floors. Make your entrance a place to take off your boots, hang your coat and stay awhile. These tips will help make for a dry, inviting home this winter. 



8. Prepare your Furnace

The best feeling in the world is coming in from the brutal outdoors and feeling the warmth of a well-running furnace. Don't wait until it's broken! Have your heating company come out and do an inspection to make sure that your home is good to go! You will also want to replace old furnace filters and make sure your ducts are open. 






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