Ann Arbor Real Estate

Ann Arbor Real Estate Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get started with the home buying process in the Ann Arbor area?

A: To get started with the home buying process, it's important to first determine your budget and loan program. In my buyers guide that can be downloaded (HERE) you will learn about unique grant and loan programs specific to the Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Metro Detroit areas. From 0% down Physician and Resident loans to first time home buyer grants I have the information to find you the specific program that best suits your financial needs.

Q: What are the most important factors to consider when buying a home in the Ann Arbor area?

A: The most important factors to consider when buying a home include location, price, size, condition, and neighborhood. From Burns Park to Kerrytown, Dexter to Saline, Ypsilanti to Canton the neighborhood and city you choose is vitally important. Having sold homes in all of these neighborhoods and communities I will assist you in making the decision that best suits you and your family needs. If you are new to the area I will take you on guided tours of the homes and communities and learn more about your preferences. I also have an extensive knowledge of the local schools having spent many years as PTO President and having kids involved in local sports and recreation. Price and size will depend on your budget and needs, while the condition and neighborhood of the home can also impact your overall satisfaction with the purchase. There are numerous environmental and inspection related issues that you should also be aware of including groundwater pollutants, radon gas and structural issues related to aging homes in various neighborhoods. I would encourage you to download my buyers guide (HERE) and gather more information. I also have video links on my YouTube page (here)

Q: How do I determine what type of home is right for me?

A: Determining what type of home is right for you will depend on your lifestyle, budget, and personal preferences. Single-family homes offer more privacy and outdoor space, while condominiums and townhouses may be more affordable and require less maintenance. New construction may offer the latest in design and technology, while multi-family homes may provide additional income potential. If you are interested in new construction please check out the videos on some of the newer communities on my YouTube page (HERE). If you would like a new construction Dos and Don’ts Guide please email me at

Q: What is the average cost of homes in your area?

A: Great question! Area Housing Stats can be downloaded directly from (HERE) The average cost of homes in our area can vary depending on location, size, and condition. To get a better idea of the local housing market, it's best to consult with us directly. Our consultations, advice and expertise is always FREE to you.