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Meet the members of the pawfect team

Big Mac joined our family in February of 2015.  The beginning of Big Mac's life wasn't very rosy. He was isolated in a garage in Detroit and was covered in motor oil as a "treatment" for mange before he was rescued by Providing for Paws.  This exposure caused his fur to never really grow back, but he is getting a little furrier as the years go on.  Luckily, we live in Ann Arbor where dog sweaters are pretty easy to find, so he is fashionable and warm if not furry.  Mac's interests include going for walks, people food and snuggling under a blanket.  Big Mac is an avid hunter, loves to chase squirrels and killed an opossum on Thanksgiving this year.  We are not proud of this feat, but know he would want it included in his bio. He loves a good scratch, and gets a silly grin/sneer on his face when scratched.  He is also a bit of a talker and we are working on "I love you."

I'm originally from France, that's why they call me Fran The Frenchie, but I have become quite fond of my home in the states. They have  a saying here" Blondes has more fun" and I can attest to that. When im not strolling the streets of Ann Arbor, I enjoy relaxing on my chaise lounge- window shopping the new collections at petco, and occasionally indulging in my favorite treats- fur baby deductibles. My favorite time of year is summer, because I love sailing and boating, they say I have my " sea legs" .

My name is Rocco name after the famous boxer Rocky, at least that's what my mom and dad say, I have no idea who he is. My days consist of playing with my older sister Frannie- who I think likes me but im not sure yet, and toys. It's all about the toys. I cannot wait for christmas because I have chewed through all my toys and I keep hearing something about getting presents for christmas- hoping its more TOYS. I'm still just a pup so i;m learning what I like and don't like. One thing I know I like for sure is FOOD. I love eating. I also take a lot of naps, so I think I like those too.

Apollo is my 11 yr. old German mix dog who I adopted a year ago. I originally had him as a foster dog but after having him with me for a few months at my home I realized he would be a foster failure and decided to adopt him!

Karma is a 13 year old Cocker Spaniel and is a very sweet dog.  She is not a good dog, however, as she will not go to the bathroom outside if it is raining and she is not a fan of other animals.   She REALLY loves pizza and turkey but does not like her dog food we refer to as “Crunchy O’s.”


Yoshi is a 10 week old Rhodesian Ridgeback.  She likes to playfully bite and loves going to the dog park in Ann Arbor and playing with the other dogs.  She can ring the bell to go outside and hates the vacuum.



Prince is a 3 pound Chihuahua who loves to go for walks and sunbathe in the Living room window.